Abstract Submission

Panel Theme Submission:

Panel theme proposals should include a description/rationale of the panel theme, a list of possible commenters (organizers may serve as commenters), and the CVs of the organizers, and are due July 27, 2018. Participants in the Colloquium are generally limited to holders of a Ph.D. and those currently in a Ph.D. program. All theme submissions should be submitted directly to medievalcolloquium@sewanee.edu

Abstract Submission:

Scholars are welcome to submit to a specific panel (which will be listed on our main page after August 1) or to the general call (applications to sub-themes which are not accepted by the sub-theme organizers will be returned to the general call pool). Abstracts should be approximately 250 words. If you are applying to a particular sub-theme, please list the subtheme on your abstract. Also mention if you have any special needs (all rooms have computers with presentation screens). Mention too if you would like to be considered for the R.W. Southern Prize; to be eligible, you must be a graduate student or recent graduate (Ph.D. awarded July 2016 or later). All applicants are required to attach a curriculum vitae. If you have any questions, please e-mail Matthew Irvin directly, at medievalcolloquium@sewanee.edu. Abstracts are due October 26, 2018.

Panel Submission:

You may also propose a complete panel of either two or three papers; please submit all abstracts together, and attach all relevant CVs. Complete panel proposals will be due at the same time as our general call, October 26, 2018



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