2018 Schedule

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Forty-Fourth Annual

Sewanee Medieval Colloquium


13-14 April 2018



“Law and (Dis)Order”


The University of the South

Sewanee, TN


FRIDAY, 13 April


7:30 A.M.        Registration begins, Convocation Hall

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available)

8:30 A.M.—

9:50 A.M.       SESSIONS 1-3



1.         Intersecting Identities 1                            Spencer 271


Chair: Chris Palmer, Kennesaw State University


Paper: “Shattering the Past: Assembling early Christian Identities from Fragmented Historical Geographies”

            M. Breann Leake, University of Connecticut


Paper: “Shushing Dido: The Feminist Politics of Time and Silence in the Legend of Good Women

            Samantha K. Seal, University of New Hampshire


Comment: Myra Seaman, College of Charleston



2.         English Courts        DuPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Matthew Irvin, University of the South


Paper: “Chaotic Order: Special Pleadings Before the Court of Common Pleas

            Lindsey McNellis, West Virginia University


Paper: “The Reeve vs. the Ealdorman: A Closer Look at Late Anglo-Saxon Law and Royal Service”

            Chelsea Shields-Más, SUNY College at Old Westbury


Comment: Richard Kaeuper, University of Rochester


3.         Violence in Iberia                                       McGriff Alumni House


Chair: Nahir I. Otaño Gracia, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “The Bible as Witness: Hebrew Bible Production and Christian Violence in Late Medieval Iberia

            Lorraine Madway, University of Alabama


Paper: “Blessing the Irons and Assessing the Burns: Law and Liturgy of Ordeal in Medieval Castile-León”

            Rachel Welsh, New York University


Comment: Maya Soifer Irish, Rice University


10:00 A.M.—

12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 4-7


4.         Laws of Performance         Spencer 271


Chair: Jeffery Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College


Paper: “Performing Piety: Public Religious Reading in the Architectural Context”

            Matthew Davis, McMaster University


Paper: “Clear and Present Stranger: Performance, Interiority, and the Opacity of Character”

            Mariah Min, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Reading Comedic Performance as Political Commentary in the Booke of Margery Kempe and Middle English Biblical Drama”

            Nicole Sidhu, East Carolina University


Comment: Theresa Coletti, University of Maryland, College Park


5.         Microhistorical Investigations into Law and Order                     DuPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Wendy Turner, Augusta University


Paper: “Bringing up Bastards in Late Medieval Paris”

            Sara McDougall, John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Paper: “The Clerk William Tyssyngton and the Pursuit of Fugitives in the Late Thirteenth Century”

            Karl Shoemaker, University of Wisconsin


Paper: “The Trouble at Worms: Feud, Legislation, and the Limits of Authority in Eleventh-Century Germany”

            Laura Wangerin, Seton Hall University


Comment: Joel Harrington, Vanderbilt University


6.         Law, War, and Anger: Where no Woman Should Be?                         McGriff Alumni House


Chair: Richard Barton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Paper: “Matrons and Pleas of the Belly in Later Medieval England”

            Sara Butler, The Ohio State University


Paper: “Earning Military Authority: A Thirteenth-Century Countess’ Path of Power”

            Katrin Sjursen, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


Paper: “Countesses’ ira: Gender, Emotion and the Exercise of Power in High Medieval France, England and Germany”

Heather Tanner, The Ohio State University


Comment: Lois Huneycutt, University of Missouri



7.         Crimes before the Law: Sexuality, Nature, Disorder                        Social Lodge


Chair: Laura Godfrey, University of Connecticut


Paper: “Re(production) and the Limits of Nature”

            Micah Goodrich, University of Connecticut


Paper: “No Future for England: Richard II’s Non-Reproductive Sexuality, Queerness, and the Futurist Discourse of Kingship”

            Katherine Hardun, University of California, Riverside


Paper: “Natural Exclusions”

            Christine Libby, Pennsylvania State University


Comment: Steven Kruger, Queens College, City University of New York


12:00 P.M.—

1:00 P.M.        LUNCH, Convocation Hall



1:00 P.M.—

3:00 P.M.        SESSIONS 8-11



8.         Outlaw Acts                                 Spencer 271


Chair: Lydia Kertz, Columbia University


Paper: “Incriminating Anglo-Saxon Legal Practice in the Middle English Athelston”

            Dominique Battles, Hanover College


Paper: “‘Oure maister is icrouned • of outlawes kyng’: Resisting Authority and the Establishment of the Heroic Outlaw Motif in the ‘Tale of Gamelyn’”

            John Ford, Université Champollion/Université de Toulouse II-Jean Jaurés


Paper: “Familial Outlaws: Testing the Limits of Space, Proximity, and Restoration”

            Melissa Sartore, West Virginia University Institute of Technology


Comment: Alexander Kaufman, Ball State University


9.         Monastic Rules                                    Walsh-Ellet 202 

Chair: Evan MacCarthy, West Virginia University


Paper: “Violence in Church Law Governing the Clergy and Religious”

            Lawrence Duggan, University of Delaware


Paper: “‘Bending the Rule’: The Fate of Monastic Labor”

            Jeffrey Hanson, Harvard University


Paper: “(Dis)Order in the Desert: Royal Grants of Protection and their Discontents in the Carthusian Countryside”

            Hollis Shaul, Princeton University


Comment: John Howe, Texas Tech University


10.       Carolingian Order                          Walsh-Ellet 206


Chair: Susan J. Ridyard, University of the South


Paper: “Servants not Soldiers: Lordship and Social Morality in the Via Regia

            Allison Gose, University of North Carolina


Paper: “Ordering the Universe: Carolingian Encyclopedia and Hildegard of Bingen”

            Hannah Matis, Virginia Theological Seminary


Comment: Abigail Firey, University of Kentucky


11.        Memories Made to Order              McGriff Alumni House

Chair: William Engel, University of the South


Paper: “Remembering Order and Disorder in Angevin France: The Strange Case of Count David of Maine”

            Richard Barton, University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Paper: “Law, Custom, and Memory in Disputes in Eleventh-Century Anjou”

            Tracey Billado, Queens College, City University of New York


Paper: “Remembering Justice and Constructing Law in Medieval Brittany

            Jehangir Malegam, Duke University


Comment: Karl Shoemaker, University of Wisconsin, Madison


3:00 P.M.—

3:30 P.M.        BREAK, Convocation Hall


3:30 P.M.—

5:30 P.M.        SESSIONS 12-15



12.        Historicizing Consent 1                 Spencer 271


Chair: Carissa Harris, Temple University


Paper: “Desire ‘Agaynst all right’: The Sexual Political Subjecthood of the English Pastourelle”

            Sarah Baechle, University of Mississippi


Paper: “Rape and Reputation in French Legal Cases”

            Aleksandra Pfau, Hendrix College


Paper: “Networks of Consent in Gower’s ‘Tale of the Rape of Lucrece’

            Jeffery Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College


Comment: Fiona Somerset, University of Connecticut


13.        Literary Form 1        DuPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Susanna Fein, Kent State University


Paper: “Under Siege: Troilus and Criseyde and the Form of War”

            Daniel Davies, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as Remembrance of the Dead: Language and Form”

            Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University


Paper: “Interruption, Ethics, and Narrative Coherence in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue”

            Jamie Taylor, Bryn Mawr College


Comment: Arthur Bahr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


14.       War and Violence                           McGriff Alumni House


Chair: Stephen Raulston, University of the South


Paper: “Maintaining Order in Chaos: The Presence of the Great Companies and the Passage of Crusaders, 1360-1366”

            Ölbei Tamás, University of Lorraine


Paper: “Mercy or Condemned by Law: The Example of the Hundred Years War”

            Valerie Tourielle, University of Paris-Seine


Paper: “Sacro sacrilegio: Form, Function, and Phenomenological Funk in the Hystoria Constantinopolitana

            Jordan Amspacher, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Comment: Kelly DeVries, Loyola University, Maryland



15.        Orders of Devotion                                    Gailor Hall 110


Chair: Jessica Barr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Paper: “The Order of Sins in the (re-)Christianization of Late Medieval Italy: Dominican and Franciscan Pastoral Patterns”

            Fabrizio Conti, John Cabot University


Paper: “Hybrid Devotion: Uniting the Affective and Didactic in an Orderly Way”

            Caitlin Koford, University of California, Santa Barbara


Paper: “Ordering the Contemplative World: The ‘Hundred Meditations on the Passion’ and the ‘Devotional History’ in Bodleian Library MS E Museo 160”

          Steven Rozenski, University of Rochester


Comment: Nancy Bradley Warren, Texas A&M University


5:30 P.M.—

6:00 P.M.       BREAK, Convocation Hall


6:00 P.M.        First PLENARY SESSION

Brinley Rhys Memorial Lecture

Gailor Auditorium


"Touched By Abstraction: Order, Body, and Song from Boethius to Machaut"

Sarah Kay, New York University




                        Convocation Hall



SATURDAY, 14 April


7:30 A.M.        Registration continues, Convocation Hall

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available.)


8:30 A.M.—

9:50 A.M.       SESSIONS 16-20


16.       American Orders                               Spencer 271

Chair: Rachel Welsh, New York University


Paper: “Thomas Becket in the Andes: Resistance and Restitution in Titu Cusi’s History of How the Spaniards Arrived in Peru”

            Amanda Kenney, University of Missouri


Paper: “Ordering Disorder: Discourses of the Medieval in Narratives of Floridian Colonization”

            Nancy Bradley Warren, Texas A&M University


Comment: Ruth Hill, Vanderbilt University


17.        Eco-Gender                                       duPont Library, Torian Room

Chair: Lesley Kordecki, DePaul University


Paper: “Albina, Albion, and the Gendering Landscape”

            Heather Blatt, Florida International Univerity


Paper: “Animal Care and Women’s Submission in John Gower’s ‘Tale of Rosiphelee’”

            Francine McGregor, Arizona State University


Comment: Alison Langdon, Western Kentucky University


18.       Monarchical Orders                      Social Lodge


Chair: Lawrence Duggan, University of Delaware


Paper: “Sacral Kingship as Resistance: The Middle English Life of St. Edward”

            Matthew Brown, Texas Woman’s University


Paper: “Speaking Truth to Kings: The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, Westminster, and Rouen”

            Mary Grace DuPree, Emory University


Comment: Monika Otter, Dartmouth College



19.       The Mystical                     Gailor 110


Chair: Arvind Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles 


Paper: “Eating our Deserts [sic] First: Renunciative Vocation and Orders of Service in Julian of Norwich”

            James Knowles, North Carolina State University


Paper: “Sensory Experience, Heresy, and Mystical Writings in Fourteenth-Century England”

            Joshua Easterling, Murray State University


Comment: Lara Farina, West Virginia University



20.       Ordering Chaucer                          Gailor 128


Chair: Brian Gastle, Western Carolina University


Paper: “Ordering Knowledge in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

            Johanna Kramer, University of Missouri


Paper: “‘Positif lawe and swich decree’: The Subversion of Law in the Tales of Fragment I”

            David Raybin, Eastern Illinois University


Comment: Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University



10:00 A.M.—

12:00 P.M.       SESSIONS 21-25


21.        Sound and Silence                                      Spencer 271


Chair: Stephanie Batkie, University of the South


Paper: “Silence in the Wilderness: Gender and Landscape in the Roman de Silence

            Jessica Barr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Paper: “Christ’s Clamor: Noise in an Old English Harrowing of Hell”

            Jordan Zweck, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Comment: Mary Hayes, University of Mississippi



22.       Intersecting Identities 2               duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Aleksandra Pfau, Hendrix College


Paper: “Voicing Violence: Reading Women’s Survival Narratives in Medieval Rape Songs”

            Carissa Harris, Temple University


Paper: “‘I am a woman of good fama and reputation’: Intersectionality, Queerness, and Resistance in the Crime Narratives of Late Medieval France”

            Emily Hutchinson, Mt. Royal University


Paper: “Public Women, Public Courts: Disorderly Bodies Litigating Order”

            Susan McDonough, University of Maryland


Comment: Glenn Burger, Queens College, City University of New York



23.       Hagiography                                   Gailor 110


Chair: Susan Ridyard, University of the South


Paper: “How to Do Things with Saints: A Reconsideration of an English Genre”

            Gina Di Salvo, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Paper: “Law and Sanctity in the Cult of Umiliana de’ Cerchi”

            Shane MacDonald, Catholic University


Paper: “Mercy, Justice, and the Limits of Human Agency in The Golden Legend

            Matthew McGraw, Lincoln University


Comment: Valerie Hotchkiss, Vanderbilt University



24.       Theological Orders                       Gailor 128


Chair: Fabrizio Conti, John Cabot University


Paper: “Law and Order: The Birth of a Nation and the Creation of the World

            Daniel Frank, Purdue University


Paper: “A Hierarchy of Heterodoxy: Rationality in Alan of Lille’s De fide Catholica

            Brittany Poe, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Comment: Lorraine Madway, University of Alabama


25.       Outlaw Rhetorics                                       Gailor Auditorium


Chair: Lydia Kertz, Montclair State University


Paper: “Outlaw Specifics and Legal Linguistics: The Crime of ‘Wulf and Eadwacer’”

            Matthew Aiello, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Making Sense of Rural Violence: Bandit Narratives in Thirteenth-Century Japan”

            Morton Oxenboell, Indiana University


Paper: “Where to Bury the Body of Brutinus? Cemeteries and the Politics of Excommunication and Reconciliation in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Century”

            Anthony Perron, Loyola Marymount University 


Comment: Jennifer Jahner, California Institute of Technology


12:00 P.M.—

1:00 P.M.        LUNCH, Convocation Hall          



1:00 P.M.—                PLENARY SEMINAR

3:00 P.M.                     Gailor Auditorium


Medieval Race and the Modern Scholar



Geraldine Heng, University of Texas, Austin

Cord Whitaker, Wellesley College


The Perils of Misreading and Misuse:


 “Black Madonnas, Medieval Race and the Dangers of Modern Scholarship”

Elisa A. Foster, Henry Moore Institute (Leeds)


Broadening the canon of medieval racializing texts, materials, and cultures:


“The Construction of Race in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture and the Complicity of Scholars in its Erasure from Academia”

Nahir I. Otaño Gracia, University of Pennsylvania


“Oh beautiful boy, trust not overmuch in color! The Problem of Language in the Study of Premodern Race”

Leland Grigoli, Brown University


 “Hidden in Plain Sight: Using Medieval Currency to See Race as a Medieval Viewer”

Jackie Lombard, University of Pittsburgh


Developing theory and research methodologies:


“Into Risk: Bautasar and les Baux-de-Provence”

Afrodesia McCannon, New York University


“Critical Race Theory for the Global Middle Ages: Rethinking Difference in The Book of John Mandeville”

Sierra Lomuto, University of Pennsylvania


“An Hundred Houndes Blake”: Implications of Monstrosity in The King of Tars

Briana Wipf, Skagit Valley College


“E(race)ing the Future: Imagined Medieval Reproductive Possibilities and the Monstrosity of Power”

Shyama Rajendran, University of Wyoming



3:00 P.M.—

3:30 P.M. BREAK, Convocation Hall


3:30 P.M.—    SESSIONS 26-29

5:30 P.M.       


26.       Law and Order in Piers Plowman (co-sponsored by the International Piers Plowman Society)     Spencer 271


Chair: James Knowles, North Carolina State University


Paper: “Disabling Law in Piers Plowman

Richard Godden, Louisiana State University


Paper: “Ymaginatif and the Defense of ‘Clergie’ in Piers Plowman

            Grace Catherine Greiner, Cornell University


Paper: “How to Make a Law from a Rule: Maxims of Restitution and Ignorance in Piers Plowman

Arvind Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles


Comment: Andrew Galloway, Cornell University



27.       Historicizing Consent 2                            duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Sarah Baechle, University of Mississippi


Paper: “Disability and Consent in Medieval Legal Practice”

            Eliza Buhrer, Loyola University, New Orleans


Paper: “The Unwilling Spouse: Marital Rape in The Canterbury Tales

            Chelsea Skalak, Dickinson College


Paper: “Pagan Father are Wrong, Christian Fathers are Right: Marital Consent in The King of Tars and The Sultan of Babylon

            Jennifer Alberghini, City University of New York


Comment: Nicole Sidhu, East Carolina University


28.       Literary Form 2       Gailor 110


Chair: David K. Coley, Simon Fraser University


Paper: “The 1211 Lines of Pearl

            Brenna Duperron, Dalhousie University


Paper: “Finding Logos in the Margins: Utopian Form in Medieval Texts”

            Gayle Fallon, Louisiana State University


Paper: “Breaking Nature’s Poetic Law: Authorship in John Lydgate’s Reson and Sensuallyte

            Samuel McMillian, Pennsylvania State University


Comment: Arthur Bahr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


29.       Service Literature                           Gailor 128


Chair, Heather Blatt, Florida International University


Paper: “‘Ye washe cleyn fo mole, and spottes blake’: Materiality, Allegory, and Authority in Lydgate’s Didactic ‘Tretise for Laundres’”

            Katelyn Jaynes, University of Connecticut


Paper: “The Death of a Chambermaid: The 1385 Court Case of a Murdering Leper and the Prostitute who Aided and Abetted

            Wendy Turner, Augusta University


Comment: Lisa H. Cooper, University of Wisconsin, Madison


5:30 P.M.—

6:00 P.M.        BREAK, Convocation Hall


6:00 P.M.       PLENARY SESSION, Gailor Auditorium

                        Edward King Memorial Lecture


"Reconstructing Libraries of the Medieval and Early Modern Period (the Islamic World)"

            Sabine Schmidtke, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton


7:00 P.M.        COCKTAILS AND DINNER, Convocation Hall

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