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7:00 A.M.        Registration begins

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available)

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9:15 A.M.        SESSIONS 1-3



1.          Early Islam                                                                                               Spencer 271


Chair: Manuela Ceballos, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Paper: “From Acolyte to Ṣaḥābī: The Curious Conversion of Salmān al--Fārisī and the Monks Who Guide Him to Islam”

            Bradley Bowman, University of Louisville


Paper: “Al-kitāb wal-ḥikmah (The Book and The Wisdom): Authenticity And Authority In The Qur’an And The Early Exegetical Tradition”

            Mohammed Meerzaei, Vanderbilt University


Respondent: Sean W. Anthony, The Ohio State University


2.         The Figure of Judas                                                                                  duPont Library G26


Chair: Holly Hamby, Fisk University


Paper: “Is It I, Lord?: The Silhouette of Judas Iscariot in Early English Cycle Drama”

            Mariah Min, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Judas Iscariot in the Contested North: War, Political Tropology, and Edward I's Doctrine of Treason”

            Britt Mize, Texas A&M University


Respondent: James H. Morey, Emory University


3. Gender and Ecocriticism                                                                                   duPont Library, Torian Room      


Chair: Amy Nelson, Saint Louis University


Paper: “’For She Was Born at Sea’: Water and Parenthood in Pericles and the Present

            Courtney Druzak, Duquesne University


Paper: “Between the Death Water and the Bridge: Liminality and Identity Formation in The Dialogues of Catherine of Siena

            Jade Godsall, Bristol University


Respondent: Ruth Evans, Saint Louis University


9:30 A.M.—

11:10 A.M.        SESSIONS 4-7


4.         Piers Plowman (co-sponsored by the International Piers Plowman Society)             duPont Library G26                               

Chair: Stacie Vos, University of California, San Diego


Paper: “Guardians of the Soul: The Boundaries of Sensorial Action in Piers Plowman

            Laura Godfrey, University of Connecticut


Paper: “Langland’s Borders of Language and Conversion”

            Kathryn Goldstein, Rutgers University


Paper: “Imagining Exclusivity: Langland’s Tale of Multi and Pauci”

            Mary Raschko, Whitman College


Respondent: William Rogers, Furman University


5.         European-Islamic Cultural Exchange                                                            duPont Library, Torian Room      


Chair: Felicity Ratté, Marlboro College


Paper: “‘It Has Been Reported to Our Dishonor:’ Genoa and the Mamluk Slave Trade”

            Hannah Barker, Rhodes College


Paper: “Imitation or Translation?: the Curious Case of the Saracen Bezant”

            William Murrell, Vanderbilt University


Paper: “Architecture as Borderland in Fatimid Jerusalem (1010-­1031)”

            Jennifer Pruitt, University of Wisconsin


Respondent: Jill Caskey, University of Toronto, Mississauga


6.         Borders of Perception                                                                                    Spencer 271


Chair: Joseph Taylor, University of Alabama, Huntsville


Paper: “Scholastic Influence upon European Art Music during the Late Medieval Era”

            Kevin Moll, East Carolina University


Paper: “Writing at the Edge of the World in Alexander and Dindimus

            Kara McShane, Ursinus College


Paper:  "Hearing and Poetic Judgment in Chaucer"

            Ingrid Pierce, Purdue University


Respondent: Mary Hayes, University of Mississippi



7.         Bodies and Grammar                                                                                         Gailor Hall 002 


Chair, Kim Zarins, California State University, Sacramento 


Paper: “Defective Peters: Castration and Queer Materiality in the High Middle Ages

            Shoshana Adler, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “The Gender Genealogy of St. Mary of Egypt”

            Margaret Cotter-Lynch, Southeastern Oklahoma State University


Paper: “The Queerness of Medieval Institutions”

            Michael Johnson, Central Washington University


Respondent: Carolynn Van Dyke, Lafayette College


11:20 P.M.—

1:00 P.M.         SEMINAR & ROUNDTABLE


Seminar: The Borders and Margins of the Encyclopedia         duPont Library, Torian Room

William Rogers, University of Louisiana, Monroe; Christopher M. Roman, Kent State University; Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz; Carolynn Van Dyke, Lafayette College; Justin Barker, Purdue University; Amanda J. Gerber, St. Louis University, Alice Hutton Sharp, University of Toronto

Respondent: Emily Steiner, University of Pennsylvania


Roundtable: Borders of the Academy: Medievalisms Academic and Popular        Gailor Auditorium

Co-sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Medievalism

Brantley Bryant, Sonoma State University; Mallory Ortberg, Slate; Kim Zarins, Sacramento State University

Chair, Richard Utz, Georgia Institute of Technology


1:00 P.M.—

2:00 P.M.        LUNCH                                                                                                    Convocation Hall


2:00 P.M.—

3:40 P.M.        SESSIONS 8-11


8.         British Borderlands                                                                                        Gailor Auditorium


Chair: Susan J. Ridyard, University of the South


Paper: ”This Land is My Land: Negotiating Legal Systems on the Central March of Wales

            Alexis Miller, University of Missouri


Paper: ”Back From Across the Border:  Inlawing the Outlaw and Defining Social and Political Boundaries”

            Melissa Sartore, West Virginia Institute of Technology


Paper: “Northern Wales Remapped under the Savoyard Relations of England”

            Wendy Turner, Augusta University


Respondent: Linda Mitchell, University of Missouri, Kansas City


9.         Mystical Demarcations                                                                                      duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Jeremy Farrell, Emory University


Paper: “Beyond Literary Theory and Oriental Orientalism: a Critique of the Boundaries of Literary Approach towards the Study of Mediaeval Sufism”

            Ashkan Bahrani, Vanderbilt University


Paper: “Ibn Sīnā’s Philosophic Mysticism: Reimagining the Epistemological Boundaries of Medieval Islamic Mysticism”

            Rebecca Makas, Emory University


Paper: “Experiences of Temptation: A Reading of Angela of Foligno ́s Memorial”

            Jonathan Pimentel Chacón, Universidad Nacional Heredia, Costa Rica


Respondent: María Mercedes Carrión, Emory University


10.       Community Boundaries                                                                                Spencer 271


Chair: William Engel, The University of the South


Paper:  “Mediating Social and Religious Boundaries: The Strength and Limits of Halakhic Cohesion of Pre-Crusade Ashkenazi Jewish Communities”

            Lorraine Madway, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa


Paper: “Physical Borders and Social Margins in German Cities”

            Jamie McCandless, Kennesaw State University


Paper: “Liminal Bodies in Medieval Communities: Visualizing Space, Place, and Mobility”

            Katayuon Torabi, Texas A&M University


Respondent: Ruth von Bernuth, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


11.        Marginal Lives                                                                                              Gailor Hall 002


Chair: Julie Singer, Washington University in St. Louis


Paper: “Mapping Sainthood: the Vie de Saint Gilles as a Pedagogical Manual

            Andrew J. Hill, University of Virginia


Paper: “The Child, the Fool and the Madman: Dependence and Irrationality in Late Medieval Germany”

            Anne Koenig, University of South Florida


Paper: “A Lesson in Chivalric Submission in the Werewolf Tales Melion and Arthur and Gorlagon”

            Amy Vines, University of North Carolina


Respondent: Lynn Ramey, Vanderbilt University


4:00 P.M.—

5:40 P.M.        SESSIONS 12-15



12.        Fylthe                                                                                                       Gailor Auditorium


Chair: Carissa Harris, Temple University


Paper: “The Canterbury Tales and Chaucer’s Borderline Obscenity”

            Mary Flannery, University of Lausanne


Paper: “Staging Obscenity in the Decameron

            Maggie Fritz-Morkin, University of North Carolina


Paper: “Pejorative Pedagogy: The Example of the English Manières de langage”

            Ashley Powers, Ohio Wesleyan University


Respondent: Nicole Nolan Sidhu, East Carolina University


13.        Fur/Flesh/Fabric 1                                                                         duPont Library, Torian Room

Chair: Fusae Ekida, Murray State University


Paper: “Women’s Bodies and Books”

            Heather Blatt, Florida International University


Paper: “States of Matter: Amazonian Matter and Meaning in the Romans Antiques”

            Elizabeth Leet, Washington University in St. Louis


Paper: “Echoes from the Sibyl’s Cave: Medieval Ecomateriality and the Authority of the Female Prophet”

            Alan Montroso, George Washington University


Respondent: Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner, Boston College


14.        England and Iberia                                                                             Spencer 271                


Chair: Sierra Lomuto, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Iberian Gower, Iberian Troy”

            Clara Pascual-Argente, Rhodes College


Paper: “England’s Jewish Expulsion, and Iberia’s”

            Steven Kruger, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY


Paper: “Oton de Granson in Catalonia and England as Seen Through Manuscripts”

            Elizaveta Strakhov, Marquette University


Respondent: Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz



15.        Forms of Asceticism                                                                          Gailor Hall 002


Chair, James Colbert, Fitchburg State University


Paper: “Saint and Sacrament: Eucharistic Language in John of Forde’s Life of Blessed Wulfric of Haselbury

            Joshua Britt, University of South Florida


Paper: “Religious Poverty and the Negotiation of Orthodoxy in the High Middle Ages”

            Adam Hoose, Troy University (Dothan Campus)


Paper: “Post-Weber Sufism: A New Typology of Asceticism and Mysticism”

          Jeremy Farrell, Emory University


Respondent: Dean Accardi, Connecticut College



6:00 P.M.        First PLENARY SESSION                                                             Gailor Auditorium

Brinley Rhys Memorial Lecture

"The Prestige of Paper, the Ecology of State Documents and the Logic of the Archive in Medieval Egypt" 

Marina Rustow, Princeton University



7:00 P.M.        COCKTAILS AND DINNER                                                           Convocation Hall






7:00 A.M.        Registration continues                                                                 Convocation Hall

                        (Light breakfast and printed program available.)


8:00 A.M.—

9:15 A.M.        SESSIONS 16-19


16.       Extracodical Texts                                                                                Gailor Hall 110


Chair: Elizaveta Strakhov, Marquette University


Paper: “Vitreous Verses: Text and Image in the Thirteenth-Century Stained Glass Window of St. Margaret of Antioch at Ardagger Abbey”

            Ashley Laverock, Savannah College of Art and Design


Paper: “The Edge of the Coin”

            Julie Singer, Washington University in St. Louis


Respondent: Nancy Mason Bradbury, Smith College


17.        Water in the Late Middle Ages                                                            Gailor Hall 128


Chair: Stephanie L. Batkie, University of the South


Paper: “Fluid Identities: Rivers in Gower and Chaucer”

            Valerie Johnson, University of Maryland, College Park


Paper: “Through the Unruly Flood: Rivers and Authorship in Gower and Hoccleve”

            Samuel McMillan, Pennsylvania State University


Respondent: Brantley Bryant, Sonoma State University


18.        Islamic Literature                                                                                duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Rebecca Makas, Emory University


Paper: “From Margin to Metropole: Abū’l-Hasan ‘Alīal-Ballanūbī at the Fatimid Court in Cairo”

            Russell Hopley, Bowdoin College


Paper: “Fiction and Irreducibility in Medieval England and Iberia”

            Jonathan Bellairs, University of California, Los Angeles


Respondent: Larry Simon, Western Michigan University


19.       Middle English Boundaries                                                                   Gailor Auditorium           


Chair: Brian Gastle, Western Carolina University


Paper: “Thinking Through the Margins: Chaucer and the Luttrell Psalter

            Ashby Kinch, University of Montana


Paper: “Marginal Suffixes on the Borders of Verse: Chaucer, Gower, Hoccleve, Lydgate”

            Chris Palmer, Kennesaw State University


Respondent, Tamara O'Callaghan, Northern Kentucky University


9:30 A.M.—

11:10 A.M.        SESSIONS 20-23


20.       National/Linguistic Borders                                                               Gailor 110


Chair: Stephanie Pentz, Northwestern University


Paper: “Bevis without Borders: Geography and Translation in an International Romance”

            Paul Broyles, North Carolina State University


Paper: “We Have Never Been British: Provincializing Britain Through Scottish Historiography”

            Daniel Davies, University of Pennsylvania


Paper: “Disentangling Language From Nation Through Gower’s Babel Tower”

            Shyama Rajendran, The George Washington University


Respondent: Shirin A. Khanmohamadi, San Francisco State University



21.        Fur/Flesh/Fabric 2                                                                            Gailor Hall 128


Chair: Elizabeth Leet, Washington University in Saint Louis


Paper: “The Corporeality of the Relic”

            Sarah Brazil, University of Geneva


Paper: “Invisible Vestments, Occluded Identity”

            Matt McGraw, Lincoln University


Paper: “Humans and Animals: A Hairy Divide”

            Cassidy Thompson, Washington University in St. Louis


Respondent: Sarah-Grace Heller, The Ohio State University


22.       Religious Performance                                                                        Gailor Auditorium        


Chair: Jeffrey Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College


Paper: “Asking the Apostlesse: Liminality, Conceptual Scripture, and the Digby Mary Magdalene

            Matthew Davis, McMaster University


Paper: “Words that Burn: Text and Performance in Marguerite Porete’s Le Mirouer des Simples Âmes

            Manuela Ceballos, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Paper: “Nation and Liturgy in Dunbar”

            DeVan Ard, University of Virginia


Respondent: Fiona Somerset, University of Connecticut


23.       Home                                                                                                     duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Cord Whitaker, Wellesley College


Paper: “Homing Tales: Domestic Disputes and Chaucer’s Canterbury Pilgrimage”

            Wendy Matlock, Kansas State University


Paper: “Rocking the Cradle and Quyting the Knight”

            Sarah Beckenridge Wright, Duquesne University


Paper: “Mad Pilgrims: Migration and Mental Illness in Premodern Literature and Culture”

            Virginia Langum, Umeȧ University 


Respondent: Robyn Malo, Purdue University


11:20 A.M.—   SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY ROUNDTABLE                                        Gailor Auditorium

1:00 P.M.

Christian Practice Beyond the Margins: Asceticism, Ecstasy, and Poverty

Outside the Margins: What Is 'Too Much' Ascetic Renunciation

Elizabeth Clark, Duke University


Ecstatic Humanity: Boundary-Exceeding Anthropology in the Victorine-Franciscan Tradition

Boyd Taylor Coolman, Boston College


Highest or Lowest Poverty? The Paradox of the Minorite Charism, 1208-1239

Michael Cusato, St. Bonaventure University


1:00 P.M.—

2:00 P.M.        LUNCH                                                                                         Convocation Hall


2:00 P.M.—    SESSIONS 24-27

3:40 P.M.       


24.       Medieval Drama                                                                                       Gailor 110


Chair: Therese Novotny, Marquette University


Paper: “Enacting God's Infinite Mercy: Drama and Reality in the Brome ‘Isaac’”

            Rebecca Cepek, Duquesne University


Paper: “Medieval Tragedy: In Search of a Marginal Genre”

            John Sebastian, Loyola University New Orleans


Paper: “Dramatic Networks: Marginal Economics and Labor in the Norwich Grocers’ Play”

            Jeffery Stoyanoff, Spring Hill College


Respondent: Christina Fitzgerald, University of Toledo



25.       Confluences and Conduits                                                                         Gailor 128


Chair: Sarah Breckenridge Wright, Duquesne University


Paper: “Riparian Lives: The Watermen of Medieval London”

            Sarah Crover, University of British Columbia


Paper: “The Ecology of Resistance in the English Fens”

            Jeremy DeAngelo, Carleton College


Paper: “Trial by Water: The Management and Appreciation of Aquatic Resources in Kyng Alisaunder

            Andrew Richmond, Ohio State University


Respondent: Phillip Mosley, The Pennsylvania State University


26.       Marginal Marvels                                                                                       duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Paul Gaffney, Hiram College


Paper: “Reading Wonders in the Conte de Floire et Blancheflor

            Robin Girard, Independent Scholar


Paper: “Other Worlds: Epistemological and Bodily Borders in Sir Degaré

            Hannah Christensen, University of Chicago


Paper: “The Moral Borders of the Marvelous in Patience

            Tara Williams, Oregon State University


Respondent: Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University


27.       Queer Romance                                                                                           Gailor Auditorium 


Chair, Christopher Michael Roman, Kent State University


Paper: “Guillaume Reads Bersani, or Literature’s Dangerous Prurience”

            Joseph Derosier, Northwestern University


Paper: “Queer Time for Heroes in the Romans d'Antiquité”

            Maud McInemy, Haverford College


Paper: “Sodom, Britons, and Ill-Defined Borders: Classifying Sex in Le livre du chevalier de la Tour Landry”

            Lynn Shutters, Colorado State University


Respondent: Cary S. Howie, Cornell University


4:00 P.M.—

5:30 P.M.        SESSIONS 28-31



28.       Chaucer, Queerly                                                                                             Gailor Auditorium 


Chair, William Rogers, University of Louisiana, Monroe


Paper: “Resisting Sex and Species in the 'Squire’s Tale'”

            Haylie Swenson, The George Washington University


Paper: “The Queer Cavities of the Summoner & the Pardoner”

            Micah Goodrich, University of Connecticut


Paper: “Reading the ‘Clerk’s Tale’ as Queer”

            Masha Raskolnikov, Cornell University


Respondent: Glenn Burger, City University of New York



29.       Notes in the Margin                                                                                          Gailor 110


Chair: Mary Raschko, Whitman College


Paper: “[Radical?] Implications of marginal notations in the first printed editions of Piers Plowman

            Stacie Vos, University of California San Diego


Paper: “Misogyny in the Margins: Obscenity and Masculine Pedagogical Community in a Fifteenth-Century Cambridge Scholar's Notebook”

            Carissa Harris, Temple University


Paper: “The ‘Main’ and the ‘Marginal’ in Richard of Devizes’ Chronicon

            Peter Raleigh, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Respondent: Valerie Hotchkiss, Vanderbilt University


30.       Mediterranean Lives                                                                                         Gailor 128


Chair: Stephen Raulston, University of the South


Paper: “Living on the Edge: the financially and spiritually imperiled position of public prostitutes in Late Medieval Corleone”

            Jack Goodman, Western Michigan University


Paper: “Crime in the Kingdom of Valencia, 1257-1276: A View of Mediterranean Lives from the Diplomatarium of the Registered Charters of James I of Aragon”

            Larry Simon, Western Michigan University


Paper: “Identifying the Stranger in the Late Medieval Mediterranean: A Pirate Attack from 1315

            David Terry, West Michigan University


Respondent: Anthony Minnema, Samford University


31.        Borders of Female Spirituality                                                                            duPont Library, Torian Room


Chair: Tara Williams, Oregon State University


Paper: “The N-Town Crucifixion: Marginalized Voices Performing in East Anglia”

            Therese Novotny, Marquette University


Paper: “The Female Body in Ancrene Wisse and Revelations of Divine Love

            Rebecca Flynn, Georgia Gwinnett College


Paper: “The “Old Religion” in the New World: Medieval Female Spirituality and Marie de l’Incarnation”

            Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University


Respondent: Jessica Barr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


6:00 P.M.        PLENARY SESSION                                                                                      Gailor Auditorium

                      Edward King Memorial Lecture

"Living on the Edge: Medieval Manuscripts as Inhabited Objects"

Elaine Treharne, Stanford University


7:00 P.M.        COCKTAILS AND DINNER                                                                            Convocation Hall

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